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So who am I?

Hi, I'm Jahnabi, very lovely to meet you... 

As an intro, here are a few things about me... I am an Indian born bodo girl from Assam, now doing PhD at the University of Southampton, UK. 

I am an art-freak fashion enthusiast who loves to procrastinate most of my life away watching animations… I am a major movie fanatic and would love to be a method actress someday. I have deep love for good music (who doesn't) and wish to sing like Sia Getting it from my mom's side, I've always been a little crafty, making and breaking things, painting stuffs, and doing DIYs with her since a little girl in pigtails. There are millions of ideas that, if I could, I would just love to sit and try. Sometimes I do DIYs cause I really want to own something, sometimes to re-vamp a few old stuffs, sometimes cause it is a fabulous idea, sometimes cause I am inspired by other DIY bloggers, but sometimes I do it just cause I can... Well, I really need to concentrate more on what I need rather than what I can cause now I have way too many junks I actually don't use :p... 

An avid traveller (or trying to be so), I'd love to cover the whole world with my trails. I have always loved to explore new cultures, traditions and places, so I always have my "adventure" hat on...  So far I have covered 5 of the 7 continents, yearning to make it all 7.

 I am also a major foody and a self-taught cook who likes to try new things, both to eat and to make... I find my thrill in exploring and trying out new sports (even extreme ones), and my serenity lies in art, dance and photography. 

As for my fashion philosophy, I like to keep it minimalistic with my three "S" rule: "simple, sober and sophisticated" for every day casuals, and "sensual, stylish and sizzling" for a night time sensation. Well, to be honest, am not too good at keeping up with the latest trends, but I do try to stay in style as best as I can :)
So what's Pride and style?

Well, this blog is about being proud of who
 and what I am and doing it with STYLE ;) 
It is dedicated to my love for all the small things I enjoy, and my endeavours in bringing you a piece of my mind in the best way possible :) Everyday I'll try my best to come up with at least one quality post for you, but do pardon me if it does not match up to your standards and if I miss a day or two…
Holla at me:
Contact me and stay in touch with me via facebook at Pride and Style. Give me a shout at jan.basumatary@gmail.com... Or follow me at Pinterest, Instagram and Bloglovin' (still working on my twitter and snapchat accounts). Will be more than happy to contact you back :)

Cheers for making through my rant XD...

Stay awesome!

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